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A Flood of Choices – Do You Take the Hand or Drown?


Courtesy of LA Waterkeeper – flickr

A man stands on his steps in a torrential rain. As the water continues to rise it force him off the steps and up onto the porch.  Just then a great big truck pulls up to his steps.  From inside they shout for him to get in – they’re heading for high ground.  He shouts back not to worry and head on, God will take care of him.  Off the truck goes.

The waters keep rising forcing the man up to the second story of his house.  While he is up there he hears someone hollering to him from a boat to come out and get in the boat.  They’ll take him to safety. 

The man hollers back that he’s not worried – God will keep him safe and take care of him.  Off the boat goes.

Courtesy of North Carolina National Guard – flickr

The waters, still getting higher and higher from the storm, force him from the second story up onto the roof.  While he is standing on his roof he sees a helicopter stop overhead and lower someone down in a basket.  Over the sound of the helicopter and the storm the man in the basket yells for him to get in so they can get him out of the flood and to safety.  The man waves the would be rescuer away yelling, “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine, God will take care of me.  Away they fly.

The water keeps rising finally covering the mans house; drowning the man.  He gets to heaven and says to God, “What happened? You just let me drown.  Why didn’t you save me?

Courtesy of Loco Steve – flickr

God replies, “I sent a truck, a boat and a helicopter – you didn’t get in!”

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