Get unstuck in life and Happy/excited about where you are going!

How to Feel Happy No Matter where You are in Life


Do you feel “Less than Happy”?

Do you feel like life should be, “Happier”?

Have you ever tried to research, “How to Feel Happy”?  I have and you probably ran into the same problem I did.

Almost everything I found on feeling happy told me what to do to feel happy.  However, there was very little on how to feel happy.

Then I ran across Leo from’s YouTube video:  How To Feel Happy – Scientifically Proven Ways of Creating Lasting Happiness.

What I liked was that he gave 10 ways to be happy and then broke them down into concrete steps you can take on each one to succeed at being happy.

Watch the video:


 Ok, so that was a lot of info!

Now, if you listened to Leo’s Video, which YOU SHOULD HAVE, you heard the “How to” for each one.

If you didn’t watch the video – stop reading-and Watch the Video.

Next you have to apply each one to your life. You don’t have to try to do it all at once. Start with one and work on it for a few days or a week and build the muscle memory then add the next. Then when you’re ready for the next add that one, etc.

Here is the breakdown of the “What to do”.

The main points to “Feel Happy”:

  1. Live with Gratitude
  2. Cultivate Optimism
  3. Stop Over Thinking
  4. Eliminate Addictions
  5. Build Lasting Relationships
  6. Savior Life’s Joys
  7. Meditate
  8. Live/Create Flow
  9. Have Goals
  10. Have a Life Purpose

Keep this in mind:

You plow through the list and Boom you’re happy, right?

Well, if you actually worked on each one and applied them to your life and your actions – really internalized them – you’re finding you’re happier then you have ever been. 

And you’re probably SUPRISED at how quickly you feel the impact.

But happiness is not a destination. You don’t reach it and move on to something else.

How to Feel Happy is in our DNA

Photo Courtesy of Josh ask DNA – Flickr

It’s a journey – part of life. It becomes part of your DNA. 

Once you’ve started doing them, you continue to do them every day and keep doing them.  It ceases to be work and just is part of you.


Action Items:

  1. Watch the video again and take some notes on each step.
  2. Choose how you’ll start.
  3. Enjoy the journey.
  4. Feel Happy

Finally –

      5.  Leave a comment on your plan and your progress.



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