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Thanksgiving – What are you Thankful for?


What are You Thankful For?

It’s the question asked every Thanksgiving.

When you’re put on the spot at the dinner table it can be hard to think of anything that wasn’t already said.

You know you have so much to be grateful for – BUT the PRESSURE!

It’s ok, at some time today though stop and reflect at all you have in your life to be Thankful for.

Better yet write them down.  (You can toss them when you’re done if you want.)


Courtesy of Tom Byrne – Flickr

What’s on your Thankful List?

Your Spouse….Your Children….Family….Friends….Your Pet….Your Health….Your New Job….Time with your children….Time in General….Someone’s Recovery….Things you have accomplished….People you have helped….a Volunteer Opportunity you experienced….someone else’s success….there is so much to be thankful for this list could go on and on

But what’s on your list?

What has made a difference to YOU?

An Unusual “Thankful” question:

What have you done to give someone else a reason to be Thankful for you?

I’m sure you know how amazing it feels to do something for someone else “just because” they needed it.

A simple example: 

The other day I saw this tiny older lady at the store going to step on a shelf and reach for something waaay at the top.  With out hesitation I stepped over and said, “Can I get something down for you?”  She was very appreciative and it turned out that in our 2 minute conversation she helped me with a casual comment she made.  I too walked away thankful for having met her. 

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