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The Best Gift of the 2015 Christmas Season is…


The Best Gift of 2015:

Hands down was GRATITUDE!

Courtesy of Mike Fleming – Flickr

Though everyone says that holidays are about family – Two huge parts of the Christmas season are 1) shopping for gifts and 2) opening gifts.

Gift Giving Gone Wrong

Imagine sitting around the tree watching someone open a gift you put no effort into picking out for them and their only reaction is, “Huh, Next”.

What’s missing?  That’s right, GRATITUDE!

If you don’t care and they don’t care – why bother?

Gift Giving Gone Right

Now imagine you worked really hard to find the perfect Christmas gift for someone and when they received it OMG it was like their life just changed!  They started screaming and hugging it and were incredibly excited.  They couldn’t stop looking at it or playing with it and holding it. Maybe they exclaimed, “This is exactly what I wanted-it’s perfect!”

How does this make you and them feel?  What was the difference?


My wife is the absolute best at this.  There may be nothing she hates more than just randomly picking up something for someone for Christmas.

Her goal is to find not just a gift but the perfect gift for each person she is shopping for.  (and she shops for a small village of people from 2 yrs old to 78 yrs old).  Every year she puts in a lot of blood, sweat and tears, and swears up and down:

“This is it!  This is the last year I shop like this!  Never again! From now on – gift cards for everyone!”

But, when it comes time to open the Christmas presents from her and she sees them light up, genuinely exclaiming “This is awesome, I love it, I’m putting it on right now or this is what I’m wearing tomorrow” and it’s the first thing they play with or wear after the presents are done being opened (If they even wait that long), I know the sense of gratitude she experiences having taken the time and put in the effort to find the perfect gift for each one of them.

Christmas Joy and Gratitude

I can’t believe it – I got it!

To her that feeling of gratitude that comes from bringing such joy to someone with her gift giving is what Christmas is really about to her.

I know she’ll go through it all over again next year.

What You Give Comes Back to You

Throughout the Christmas festivities everyone comes up to her to tell her how much they love their gift (even the children).

You can see the gratitude in their eyes.  They are truly grateful she went through the effort she did.

Experiencing that is one of the greatest unexpected gifts she receives.

It’s no wonder she loves Christmas so much (and probably isn’t even aware as to really why).

What You Create becomes Bigger than You

Even watching this unfold is amazing/touching.

You can’t help but feel the Love, Joy and Gratitude she has brought everyone.

The Takeaway

  1. Be present in what you do.
  2. Be grateful for the opportunity to give.
  3. Be grateful for what you receive.
  4. Show your gratitude.

Action Items:

  1. Think of how you could be more “present” in your day to day activities.
  2. Let us know how Christmas went for you.

           (or Hanukah or Kwanza or the Holidays…)

     3.  What was the best part.

     4.  What would you change to make it better and how.

5.  Make 2016 even better than 2015!



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