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Why Create, “The Smiling Cucumber” Blog?

Some people call it being “burned out” or just “tired”.  Others say it’s a “mid-life crisis”.

Are you at a point in life where you (or someone close to you) is thinking, “Is this it?  Is this all there is to life?”?  Do you feel there should be more to life? — Well, there is.

If you’re feeling stuck and are ready to find way to make meaningful lasting changes – This blog is for you!


Remember the mid 70’s when computers were first coming out?  They were going to simplify our lives.  Now you have your PC, your Laptop, your Tablet, your Smart Phone.  Then there’s Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube, Foursquare, Pintrest, LinkedIn, Google+…all to keep you” connected”.  Look around next time you’re in public; does everyone look like they are connecting with other human beings or do they look more like Zombies.

Yes the Zombie Apocalypse is here!  It’s called SOCIAL MEDIA!  It’s not looking for your brains (though they might be turning to mush) it wants to harvest your DATA.  I digress though.   Moving on….

Get Away:

Do you work hard?  Do you deserve a vacation?  You’re not alone.  So why then is America notorious for unused/lost vacation days.  Not to mention to get the “privilege” of a vacation you end up working extra hours and twice as hard to get everything in order at work before you leave and then extra hours and twice as hard at work to recover from being gone.  How many times have you arrived back at work to think, “Was that week really worth all the extra effort?” and “I’m really exhausted now!” ?


Besides not taking vacations we, as Americans, don’t get enough sleep/rest.  Raise your hands if you and your three closest friends constantly talk about how you are, “sooo rested all the time!”.  I was actually once stuck in traffic behind a guy that had fallen asleep behind the wheel at a red light.

We Deserve a Break:

Let’s watch some T.V.; for fun we can count the number of drug commercials, exercise equipment commercials and diet/diet aid commercials.  They are all trying to satisfy a problem Americans have.  What does that say for us?  That’s right we need an attorney – oh, here’s a commercial for a good one.

Our Health:

You know what, let’s turn off the tube and go shopping.  Swing into any WalmartUSA and do some people watching.  How would you rate the health of America if this was your first encounter?  This is not to judge them but to get us to look within.  Pretty scary.

So to Recap:

Life is simpler because of all the gadgets, we’re well rested from vacation sleep and taking breaks and we’ve done some shopping.  Aaahh life is good…right?

Then there is the divorce rate, the percent of people unhappy with their jobs, the rate of depression, diabetes, cancer….

It’s no wonder so many people are searching for “more” in their lives.  They want to feel happier, more content.  They want to feel like their life has meaning and that they are contributing to something greater than themselves.

This is why “The Smiling Cucumber” came to being.

What I have learned from research for The Smiling Cucumber is that happiness, true happiness comes from within.  Fun and momentary happiness may be able to be attained from the outside and there’s nothing wrong with that…it can be well, fun and enjoyable.

Long term happiness is not something someone else can give you.  It’s not just walking around making yourself smile all day no matter what.  It’s not just doing what seems fun or makes you “happy” right now without regard to consequences.  If you walk away from people and they consistently feel like crap, it might be time to rethink your definition of happiness.

Happiness is Different for Everyone:

  • Happiness is contentment, inner warmth, excitement, joy, love for yourself and the world around you,
  • Happiness is gratitude for what you have even if it’s not much.
  • Happiness is when you know you are living a life aligned with your core values expectations of yourself.
  • Happiness is more how you view life and the actions you take or do not take.
  • Happiness is an aura of positivity that leaves people feeling special because you were there.
  • Happiness is a well-balanced life, without which there will always be a void somewhere.
  • Happiness comes from what we focus on and what questions we continually ask ourselves.

Long term happiness, the kind where you’re happy with yourself no matter where you are or what you’re doing, comes from within.  Understanding yourself and others is important.  It’s learning to be true to yourself and how to make decisions for your life that make sense.

A Journey:

So The Smiling Cucumber Blog came about because I had/have a journey to take and I felt there were others out there, probably quite a few who could use the journey too. 

Knowing there is synergy in combined effort with a single focus it only made sense to Invite You Along.

So welcome aboard,

Leave some comments,

Ask some questions,

Have some fun,


See where Life takes us.

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