Get unstuck in life and Happy/excited about where you are going!

October 24, 2015
by Christoski

How to Feel Happy No Matter where You are in Life

Do you feel “Less than Happy”? Do you feel like life should be, “Happier”? Have you ever tried to research, “How to Feel Happy”?  I have and you probably ran into the same problem I did. Almost everything I found on … Continue reading

Don’t CYA – CYL instead (Change Your Life)

March 15, 2015 by Christoski | 0 comments

Photo courtesy of MMcDonough

(originally posted 2/19/15 on my other site)

Ok, so what changes did you make?  What did you do each day?

How did making those changes make you feel?

Where did those changes lead?

MY “CYL” Creating Change

What happens when you “Change Your Life”?  Here are the changes I made and what unfolded:

I love learning new things so I decided I was going to learn something new each day.  Sounded simple… Continue Reading →